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Cheapo Forum Badge for Steam Users

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This isn't a suggestion for the game itself but for the forum here.


It would be appreciated if those of us who purchased modules on Steam could still have ownership of those modules represented in the badges that show up under our profile picture to the left ...


<------------ right over there.


It would mean a lot for a couple of good reasons:

  • We wouldn't feel like second-class citizens, heretics and reprobates,
  • Sometimes it's very useful to know if someone else actually owns, and can fly, on a certain module.  This seems to be a great use of the badge system. 


We understand that it doesn't mean as much, since it represents less funds that went to the company and to the developers, and in that sense it would be understandable, and appropriate, to use a badge design that has a suitably less glamorous appearance than the Gold, Silver and Bronze colors that are used now.   A proposed design such as the below could be used, or any other background patterns to represent materials such as cardboard, rusted metal, oxidized aluminum or even the top of an old pizza box may be appropriate - we'll take what we can get at this point:




Thank you for your consideration.  Our hearts were in the right place when we bought this stuff off of Steam, some of us  having done that years ago to support the franchise getting on it's feet.  


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