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Modified Pfalz Template v1


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Hey everyone! 

I'd like to present a modified version of the Pfalz template I've been making. I've tried my best to correct various minor inaccuracies in the stock template as best as I could given the 3d model we have. 

This .zip includes the modified texture and completely new alpha and bump map files you can use to create skins to your liking.


Download v1 of the template here


Major features and changes include new mud and weathering:






New alpha and bump maps:





New radiator textures:




and 3 factory standard skins:





A full list of changes and features:



-added/adjusted shadows, highlights and voids
-addition/adjustment of bolts, nuts, rivets, covers, caps and fasteners
-new primed and bare metal textures
-new ribs, rib tapes and stitching
-new radiator
-adjusted weathering
-addition of several oil, mud and fuel weathering layers
-new metal chipping textures
-new paint chip textures
-adjusted universal textures
-new walkplate texture
-brass parts are now brass colored
-corrected serial number font
-3 types of factory stencils
-4 types of standard markings
-new aluminum dope base color
-adjusted interior colors

-completely new alpha map
-completely new bump map

-3 standard skins to be used as templates, guides or whatever else you may want.


Feel free to message me if you have questions or if you notice bugs or inaccuracies. I've tried my best given the current reference on the Pfalz.




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Love the details!  I would have never thought to include the mud splatter on the bottom of the wings from the wheels.  Excellent!

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The template looks excellent and the attention to detail is amazing.  If I could make a small suggestion, it would be to lighten the colour of the tyres.  Carbon black was not added to rubber in Europe until after the war, so the tyres would typically have been anything from a bone to pale grey-green colour.

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Hi Julian,
the link has a different skin (Pfalz_D3a_5927)!
Can I get the pictured fictional skin?
Many Thanks !!!

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