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Hello DEVS.! I gotta say I really enjoy this SIM in its entirety!  Very good job by you all.  However I think some things may have been overlooked.  Trees for example don't seem to get blown apart when a 500k bomb blows up on them or near them.  "Targets" hide n the trees for concealment or camo purposes and the trees block the blow of our bombs.  Even on the next path, the trees are still doing their duty protecting the target. Shouldn't we be able to use our bombs to clear the trees so the next attacker maybe can hit the target? I don't have any snapshots of this but I have seen craters having trees still firmly planted in the hole.  And I've seen buildings be destroyed with the trees still around them not even burned. Is there a possibility for you guys to look in to this please?  Thank you from a dedicated 110 pilot.

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