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Some thoughts on ADDITIONS

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Hi Just some thoughts on possible game additions:



1. Night flying and night fighter bombers options and scenarios


2. Bad weather, cross winds, heavy rain and snow on game servers


3. Interesting aircraft The Boulton Paul Defiant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boulton_Paul_Defiant   


4. Prequel to The Battle of Britain is Dunkirk / Operation Dynamo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunkirk_evacuation 

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1. Its not as easy as just add new airplane, they would have to add all the night radar stuff and gizmos that come with it also make night look better, and if you dont need that stuff for night operations then its already posible to have night raid missions with airplanes in game, but its not popular, also in MP people would just turn up the gamma and it would be like day so no point in night missions.


2. when servers have them most normal players say ok time to go to other server and dont play on thouse missions, and missions naturaly get removed from server rotation because of low population.


3. its in Il-2 Clod as AI, if someone in 1CGS is crazy enought to think its good idea to have this airplane for humans it will probably be done there as most of airplane is done.


4. Posible to do in IL-2 Clod Blitz for SP or MP, have mmost if not all airplanes used and map for it. Why would they do same thing here when they are seling it there.

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Night Flying

In career mode there is a night mission. The first mission for Ju 88 for me was at night. I was surprise. I find the night time in the game to be little too dark. It would be cool if they would develop the night fighting stuff. To make it financially viable, they could have it as a modification for certain aircraft. I


It is a bit daft to join a night server and then cheat to undermine it. 


Bad Weather

I do not get this at all. They didn't fly in bad weather. It is crazy to even fly on a server dumb enough to create one. I supposed gamers looking for fun, but will they change the settings to make it easier. LOL 

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