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The 3rd P.G Skin Pack V2

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Afternoon, all! 

I'm proud to finally be able to publicly release the Third Pursuit Group's NEW AND IMPROVED skin pack! Featuring a mix of 25 historical skins and  the new US93 / US103 SPADs have a whole host of aesthetic improvements and are looking better than ever! 

The first release here will be the CORE skin-pack, which has the personal skins as well as a good chunk of the historical 103rd and 93rd aero squadron aircraft. I hope in future to release a second pack with the rest of the 103rd / 93rd, as well as the historical 28th and 213th aero squadron skins! 

More info on the historical research and work put into these skins can be found Here!

DOWNLOAD HERE (Readme is there for 3PG pilots)

Markings and insignia of the Third Pursuit Group explained in the spoiler below: 


Tying in with our historical RP approach, our skin policy is based on the historical order on the marking of USAS aircraft!

1. Basic Squadron Markings. 

a. 103rd 

The 103rd's insignia is a Sioux Indian head wearing a War Bonnett. Personal numbers are painted in Chrome Yellow, with Black shadowing. The Squadron wing recognition strip is a green band with TWO red stripes. 

b. 93rd 
The 93rd's insignia is an Indian head against a blue moon. Personal numbers are painted in White, with Red trim. The Squadron wing recognition strip is a green band with THREE red stripes. 

2. Flight Markings

machines of 1st Flight have Red nose cowlings. Machines of 2nd Flight have White nose cowlings. Machines of 3rd Flight have Blue nose cowlings. Some aircraft of the 93rd have their noses outlined in white trim. 

3. Squadron / Group C.O. Markings
Squadron C.O. aircraft are typically numbered with the squadron's first number in sequence, and will carry a tricolour band of red, white and blue running from the foot of the rudder post to the headrest. Robert Soubiran's C.O. machine carries a red 'S' in lieu of a personal number. Group and higher organisation pilots may mark their machines as they see fit. 

4. Personal Pilot Insignia & Markings.
Personal insignia, such as emblems, names or legends, are painted forwards of the cockpit and are only available to pilots with three victories in one v-life. Some pilots may bear small unique markings on their aircraft, such as coloured tail fins, wheel covers, or elevators. 

5. Victory Marks
Machines of the 103rd bear no 'victory marks'. Machines of the 93rd may display one victory mark on their squadron insignia's tooth necklace for every 10 victories scored in a single v-life. (The previous number must be exceeded with the next v-life to add a new mark). 


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