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X52 Joystick independent?

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Just as is no way, because X-52 stick don't have any USB circuit inside, just Hall sensor (X,Y axes) and buttons/HAT's.


Can be modded for standalone joystick with a USB joystick controller, eg. L.Bodnar Bu0836, Derekspearedesigns DSD12... But expensive for what X-52 is.


An DIY joystick controller, e.g. Arduino PRO Micro (ATMEGA32u4) flashed with MMJoy2 firmware or STM32F103C8 flashed with FreeJoy firmware (see topic in this forum), both cheap options, cards costs less than $5.


Can use any of these for create an adapter for the cable that leave X-52 stick base, placing the card inside a box with PS2 connector, what leave X-52 original (for what?) but is more laborious.


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