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Mission logs are incomplete on refly

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In the attached logs the two log sets are for the same mission, flown twice.  The second log set does not contain any player spawns.  Never seen anything like this before.  This occurred during a PWCG coop mission.  


The first log set is missionReport(2020-05-08_22-40-18)[0].txt.  There are only 11 logs files in this set.  All of the spawn logs for the players are in this log set.


The refly begins with missionReport(2020-05-08_22-48-40)[0].txt.  There are no player spawn logs at the beginning of this log set.  It's like the game did not recognize this as a new mission.


PWCG depends on accuracy and completeness in the logs.  Without that it is effectively useless.  If the logging content or algorithms change then notification would be appreciated.  Hopefully PWCG is viewed as a sales generating asset by the development team. Any help that you can provide in this regard is greatly appreciated.



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