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Hi everyone,

I have a very specific question for you, guys.
This is important.

As we realized, many of you think that the number of bullets needed to break wings of WW1 airplanes is way too small in the current version of DM.

Well, I've made an additional research on this issue. As I mentioned before, there is no clear and the only one "perfect" solution for the "absolutely ideal" DM, unless we simulate each corpuscle (which is not expected this year, obviously). Every our step is just an attempt to get closer to the reality. There are too many factors that make sense and difference, and we can not be 100% sure that our DM is absolutely correct. Anyway, this DM is based on the calculations, blueprints, charts, researches, and experiments that have been conducted. On the other hand, we see expectations from you, which differ from the results of our calculations. It's hard to say how far we are from the reality or how close to it. But we want you to be happy and to believe what you see on the monitor (VR is better, btw). Before we make any "final" decision (final for now, as we need to move further) and apply final adjustments on the DM, I would like to understand your expectations better. Just a quick check, to be on the same page.

My question is very simple.

Let's imagine the situation, that you are in the Fokker Dr.I in the level flight, having enemy Sopwith Camel in front of you at a distance about 100 meters. You are firing at him from the "dead six" position. You can clearly see that all (or most) of your 7.92 mm bullets hit the top right wing in the outer 1/3 part of this wing (i.e. the area between the tip of the top right wing and 1/3 of the right wing span counting from its tip). But from this distance you can not see at what place exactly you hit that part of the wing. For you it looks like you "spread" bullets over that particular part of wing.

What is your expectation:
how many HITS (on average) at this outer 1/3 part of the top right wing of the Sopwith Camel are needed, in your opinion, to break this part of wing off?

Please, write here only one your answer, as a number. Nothing more.
No explanation, no discussions, nothing. Just one number that you consider as a correct answer "on average".
Any other answers will be removed.

And please, after that number also write the 2nd number in parenthesiswhat do you think, how many bullets are required in game for this right now (on average as well).

Example: X (Y)


If you want to discuss this subject, please, feel free to do it at this topic.

Thank you!

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