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The Old Bird's Nest is starting operations on FC.
please look for:
FC Old Birds Nest
on the IL2 multiplayer dogfight server list.


Continuing the work done in late Rise of Flight as an option for casual multiplayer server with unique and exclusive missions simulating an war zone with the classical scenarios with mud between entente and central powers and some AI's to keep the firts incomers busy until more players join in.
It's easy to navigate and lots of things to do.


Our server is full real settings to be attractive to ROF veterans, but it's friendly to new incomers as well (keeping available the 'GPS' on map),

where they will find an enviromment to increase their skills to be able to fly in most dangerous skies.


We're starting now with 3 missions maps, what make a set with similar features:
-Bethune 1918
-Lille 1918
-Douai 1918
(we strongly suggest to read the mission description before fly to understand some special features.)

More maps can be include anytime soon on our map rotation.


We apologise for some airdromes be air start, but we found some limitations from game engine to provide small mission maps where we need airdromes close to the action, but a ground start airdrome will always be available.

If people likes to fly on OBN we can change it to a better locattion with a better internet provider to increase comunication band and to avoid any high ping issues.


Everyone is invited to visit us.

Our contact is: oldbirdsnest@mail.com

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This is in Southern Brazil. For me in Canada my ping is Very high at 253

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Wow, i'm getting over 400ms ping for OBN. Don't remember it was like that in RoF

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hanging out in OBN tonight. Had one dogfight that made me laugh, Vs. one of the No. 20 guys. He was in the Dr.I and I was in a Camel. We stayed in a sustained right-hander for about a minute, and the whole time I was potting away 'across the circle' with my Colt. Funny stuff! 

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hi all!


We have include a new mission map that is a version of one we had in ROF "Battle of Arras".  

On FC it get more enjoyable visually because Arras city is more detailed. Can be a fun map for those who like quick action.


High ping and variable quality of conections are a issue by now, I've see people getting a good experience online along the day, but if the local concurrence acess on internet like kid using video streaming, it can get a bit instable.
So yes it's a big problem, we can consider the server is in a testing time.


We are trying to form a partnership to transfer OBN to a better place it can happen anytime soon, then I believe we can ofer a more stable option for game experience.


See you all in the skyes, stay safe and have fun!

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