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Fokker got 'er

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[80 years ago today, a] bomber command Whitley strays over neutral Holland and is shot down by a Dutch Fokker G.I heavy fighter. One crewman is killed and the rest are interned until the German invasion. The Fokker influenced the designers of the Lockheed P-38"]



"Fokkers at Schiphol airport in 1939"



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Aah yes with Holland still neutral it defended it's skies against all intruders. Pilot was Piet Noomen. He had flown the G1 for the first time

in august 1939. On the 10th of May he succeeded in downing two He 111's.

The British crewmember that didn't make it (Sgt Millar) jumped out of the plane just before it made it's emergency landing.




A pic of Noomen at an older age:



P Noomen.JPG

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