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TrackIR and TrueView on and off

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Hey, pilots!

If you use TrackIR how do you fly with TrueView? Is it on or off?

If it is OFF how do you deal with looking back and leaning to a window? It gets inverted with TrueView off. I mean you look back and tilt to the left side but in game it actually tilts to the right

If it is ON how do you deal with that ugly 'snap to center' thing? I mean, after you looked back and you moving your head to a front it gets you kinda 'snapped' to a center position inside a cockpit.

Here is how it looks:



Note, that I do not have deadzones in my TrackIR profile.



I find TrueView OFF makes head tracking much smoother and natural overall but that invert when looking back makes it impossible to use. With TrueView ON you have this snap to center thing which seems to be a software bug.

I wonder if someone solved this issue.

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TIR is all about having the right profile for the way you fly

lots of good profiles out there that you can tweak to your liking.

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