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Stream Deck XL and IL2 - problem, need help!

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Hello, I need your help. I want to assign hotkeys in my game to my STREAM Deck XL.
Here is one example to explain my problem: I got a key "L" which turns on the cockpit light. And there is another shortcut "R-RCtl+L" which turning on navigation lights. It is working perfectly when using my keyboard. Now I bind these two function onto two hotkeys at my Stream Deck.
When pressing the hotkey-icon on Stream Deck for navigation lights (R-STRG+L), it turns on navigation lights (R-STRG+L) as it should, but it turns on the cockpit light ("L") too. Two actions are fired, because the "L"-key for switching on the cockpit light is used in the Shortcut for navigation lights. 
This happens to all my actions where I got such shortcuts and makes using Stream Deck useless for me. 
Please tell me how to set up the shortcuts in order not to fire the key which is used in an other combined shortcut too. Stream Deck should only fire the combined hotkeys and not the single key plus the combined key. Hope there is a solution for it and you got tips.



After a lot of testing.. It is working now. There is a plugin called "Supermacro". I used it to create new actions.


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