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Potential T16000m lag issue

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Recently I have been noticing my T16000m is deteriorating.


The yaw is constantly fidgeting making it difficult at times to stabilize when aiming. This itself was not too big of an issue. 


Today, I had the suspicion that my joystick was lagging really badly. This was confirmed when I realized I could not stall my Fw190. In the past, with a simply hard pull of the joystick, starting at level flight, you could put the 190 in a death spiral, this is no longer the case. I pull hard back and the plane gradually noses up taking me into a gentle climb.


In the settings, I don't see any issue. When I pull back, the ingame input and my own input match 1:1. Any idea on what is going on? I have calibrated and recalibrated my joystick using the default Windows feature but it seems to have little to no effect.


Any help is much appreciated and thanks!


UPDATE: After testing this a bit more I noticed something strange...

In MP, my controls work just as they always did. Tight and snappy. In Quick Mission, they are slow and sluggish. Why is there a difference? Both are in EXPERT difficulty.


UPDATE v2: Disregard. I had Simplified Controls "ON". This took a whole f-n hour to realize...

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