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Super charger whine

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Hi devs and all.


I feel that current engines sounds are lacking the supercharger/turbo sounds that are so typical of the V12 engines, as seen in various videos of start ups and flybys of BF109s and the likes. 


There is a video of a 190 D9/13, I cant remember which version now, being started at night and even just sitting there you can hear the supercharger! Currently IL2 has none of these sounds, if anything the recent BF109 sound 'update' has been a downgrade from my perspective as it sounds like a tractor now.


Not being rude or slamming the devs here, just my current feeling on the sounds at the moment.


Would is be difficult to add a supercharger sound on top of the current engines sounds? 


One last thought: Does anyone feel that the engine revolutions should be at a higher frequency? The 109 seems to sound very slow to me at the moment.

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