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Career mode wishlist

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I know currently there isn't much work done on career mode, but I still think we can constructively make a list of things we wish were added in the future when resources can be allocated to it. Let's be civil and not turn this thread into a negative debate.


Here goes:


1- Better friendly AI. Enemy AI has been updated to the enjoyment of all, but friendly AI seems to be stuck in a rut. In most of my missions, I'll end up being the sole survivor and the only pilot with kills. There is a clear discrepancy on how the AI behaves on my side vs the enemy. Breaks immersion in a way and makes some missions very difficult because you end up against 5-6 planes at a time. I will try to post a screenshot of a mission recap to show my point.


2- Some planes never appear in career mode: Especially some collector planes. I understand why the FW-190 doesn't appear in Stalingrad and I'm fine with it, but I never see P-38 in BobP or HE-129 in BoK. I don't think I've seen a single LA-5FN in BoK as well. JU-88s are also a very rare sight. It would be nice to add variety to the planes we face in Career mode.


3- More mission types. Boat bombing runs, train interception. I'm sure the community has more ideas than I do. But being able to do more stuff would make careers more interesting. My P-38 campaign only has ground attack missions and it gets uninteresting after a while...


Post your ideas and I'll try to edit the first post to add them for more visibility.






And that's what I mean by bad friendly AI...

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