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Replacing already modeled planes with tanks in post Normandy expansions

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I have played this game for years and Now that Normandy has been announced I am noticing that the German plane lineup is near complete as far as many of the fighters go. Now the problem that comes with that is that people will start to get upset if you just include the already modeled planes in even though you really don't have any other planes to add.  My suggestion would be to include those already created German planes for people who don't already own some of the already produced games, and adding some high detailed tanks such as the ones produced for tank crew as a way to replace the 5 axis aircraft that may have already been modeled.  This obviously will not be any issue that pops up for several years, but when that time comes just a suggestion that may help with the backlash of re-releasing already modeled planes since I am already hearing some complaining that Normandy is going to include the G-6 which is already in-game.


Good luck

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