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Rudder Carpet Sliding Prevention

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My Crosswind does not butt against a wall, but sits on carpet. I had some sliding issues and looked online to see what people were doing. I Fly Central was using practice arrow heads, another was using speaker feet (steal spikes). Not sure why no one had mention carptet spikes/protectors. $7 on amazon, comes with eight pads (two pads of four squares), with self adhesive backing. I used four pads on a board and it is immovable in the carpet without picking the whole thing off the carpet. Comes in deep or short pile size. If anyone wants the other four pads I can mail them to you in the USA for the cost of shipping.

Self-Stick Furniture Anti-Dent Carpet Protectors 3/8" Height for Short Pile Carpet- Protect your Short Loop Carpeted Surfaces from Dents and Keep Furniture in Place, 4" Square Customizable Block- (2 Pieces)







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Elegant solution, and nice carpet btw!  If my wife sees that we will get the new floors she has been mentioning on and off for the past several years!


  Many years ago, having the same problem, I went out in the garage and made a brace to keep my CH Pedals from sliding and shorting out the USB cable.  Brackets hold CH pedals to a wooden base, wooden base rests flush against a piece of scrap shelving, which in turn rests against the baseboard.  Rock solid.






As installed:


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