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Panther V Ausf.D 4th Company 51st Panther Battalion Kursk 43

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Two hundred Panthers of the 51st and 52nd Panzer Battalions attached to the Grossdeutschland Division which in turn was part of the 48th Panzer Corps went into action in July 1943 on the southern salient of the Kursk bulge. Included was Red 435 of the 51st Panzer Battalion's 4th Company, but only 43 remained in service by August 19.









I based the tank on Claes Sundins profile and numerous models and artists impressions but just now I found an original photo.




Most noteable for me are the large numerals on the rear of the turret so I will probably try and recreate that next and update the skin. I keep having to put the panels back on because of a glitch that leaves a wire floating in the air. It is incredibly difficult to track down. Maybe impossible but definitely a challenge.


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Here is the historical update version.


It was impossible to find the floating rod until I remembered some of the other wacky bits of the template. So here is how to find unfindable pieces. Mark the position of where it should be then mentally rotate the image by 180 and flip on the vertical axis. Now look at where your marked position is on the dds file. Nuts. I noticed that the removed panels still cast shadows but I don't think it is very distracting. But I'll leave my first link up if you do. I also noticed that the original appears to have a swastika air recognition flag on the turret. Not sure if it is possible to add that in 2D.







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Well in the interests of historical accuracy I had a go at recreating the flag on top of the tank but again because of 2D on a 3D object plus glitches the results are mixed. However I think it is probably very close to how Red 435 appeared at Kursk. Also bear in mind that the Germans had many Stukas attacking trying to force a breakthrough, so the flag makes sense.


In case you are wondering about the odd flag attachment this is because of how the game renders the tank from bits of the dds files. The flag therefore couldn't be draped over stuff that gets built on top of it. This would actually need to be done properly during the design stage rather than at skinning.









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I didn't keep them but eventually managed to find them again and I have unpacked them and put them into a zip file.


I used the 824 skin for the base because it was the 'cleanest' and I used the Winter skin to bring out the panel lines etc.


Good Luck! :gamer:



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