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A simple ballisitcs question:


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27 minutes ago, JG1_Butzzell said:



The problem with your professor is that you look at two objects of different  mass falling to the earth. Yes they fall at the same velocity relative to each other. If you look at a single object and the Earth what you see is an object falling. What you do not see is that, that object is pulling on the Earth. While the effect is incredible small, the Earth is being pulled towards the falling object. This can be seen with the relationship of the Moon and the Earth. The Moon pulls the Earth "up". This results in Tides. The Earth's oceans are trying to fall to the Moon.

The professor countered that dropping the objects at the same time and relatively close to each-other canceled this out since both objects are accelerating the earth towards them... Which is true.


After that the next homework assignment was to compute the net gravitational acceleration of two different objects at the same distance from earth. One being a feather, the other being the largest asteroid in the solar system. That day i learned the precision limits and rounding errors of the TI-84 calculator. I think that's the only time i've seen one of those take a significant amount of time to do multiplication or division...


36 minutes ago, RedKestrel said:

I love this place.

"A simple Ballistics Questions"
20 Posts Later we're interrogating our basic assumptions of Newtonian physics.

Another day or two I fully expect us to have a tutorial on quantum physics in here, followed shortly thereafter by a thread under Developer Assistance insisting the physics engine be updated to include the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. 

I wonder if the variables used in this game are large enough to be able to store the percent chance that a bullet just phases through an aircraft. 🤔

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