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Better radio communication

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I would love some changes to the radio communication with AI and in multiplayer.


With AI :

  • Completely remove automatic communication from the player. It's very disturbing.
  • New communication options (with added voice from the player) :
    - Airbase communication : 
             - Request to takeoff
             - Request to land
             - Request air support to my position (some allies will spawn and will go to your location)
             - Direction to objective/waypoint
             - Direction to airbase
             - Need runway light
    - Wingmen communication :
             - Join the formation (join the default formation)
             - Need help (Currently the "cover me" option doesn't really do the job when there is someone on your six)
             - Attack enemy bombers
             - Attack enemy fighters
             - Attack my objective
  • Like in IL2 1946, if you are #2, you should be able to give orders to #3, #4, etc. If you are #1 from multiple squadrons, you should be able to give order to all squadrons separately.
  • Better radio chatter : Right now, most of the time you give orders, there is no voice from you and no answers from allies. Would be great to have better radio chatter for more dynamism. Right now it's too quiet.
  • Allies should congratulate each other when getting a kill or destroy ground objectives


In Multiplayer :

I would love some basic communication with radio voice in multiplayer.

  • Airbase communication : 
             - Request to takeoff
             - Request to land
             - Direction to airbase
             - Need runway light
  • Player communication :
             - Join my position in square [XXXX.Y] ---> Radio voice will not say square number because too complicated I guess, but the voice could say something like "Join my position".
             - Enemy spotted in square [XXXX] --> Enemy spotted
             - I need help in square [XXXX.Y] --> I need help
             - I'm flying to objective in [XXXX] (depend of what objective you selected in sub-menu) --> I'm flying to objective
             - I'm starting my ground attack
             - I'm returning to base
             - I don't have ammo
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I also think this would be a great addition to the game. It will certainly be better to hear things through the radio instead of a text on the top of the screen in multiplayer.

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I will add the ability to warn your AI leader / squadron of of incoming enemy aircraft.

In its current state I do not fly as the leader simply because my flight often fails to execute orders when I issue them to the AI but will when an AI is leading. 

"Enemy Aircraft" and then  "3" , "6" or "9" or 0 for ahead


Also as a flight lead we should be able to say break off, form up and head for home.


Also I would really like to see a detailed kill tally with:

  • Type of plane shot down
  • Pilot Name
  • Pilot Skill Level
  • Number of kills for that pilot
  • Types and numbers of ground units destroyed

As flight leader you should be in charge of some asset management so in addition to pilots name and raw tallys there should be:

  • Pilot skill level assessments good at bombing, not skilled in a dog fight etc etc 
  • Pilot moral
  • Better plane management
  • Plane mission allocation i.e. top cover, attack etc
  • Request for additional squadron help 
  • Enemy force estimates
  • Mission debrief to improve op force estimates.


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