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Pazifikgeschwader (Pilots of Asia,Pacifica, Aus) Recruiting

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Paifikgeschwader is a new organization that will fly Germans aircraft catering to pilots who are living in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Pacifica/Oceania time zones.


Roughly +6 to +12 UTC Regions. 

As many of you may know or will come to learn, the vast majority of virtual squadron cater to either European or North American pilots. While some accept other time zones, they primarily recruit for and play to the convenience of European or North American pilots. Now, there will be unit that do the same for the "Eastern Hemisphere." . 


We formally are known as JG 77, but we have decided to expand to welcome pilots who would prefer to fly such aircraft as the Ju 88, HE 111, Bf 110, and the soon to be developed Me 410, as well as, Bf 109, Fw 190, and the Me 262. 


The unit is still forming, so there is plenty of opportunities for taking on leadership position as well as those who just want to fly with a wingman or within a group. 



he unit will based on a milsim/ reenactment approach but emphasis on fun and entertainment. No draconian rules to abide is real life gets in the way.

Essentially, we will operate as a military organization within the game itself. The unit promotes activity through reward, not penalty. The more you fly with us, the more likely you will get promoted and take on a leadership role. All leadership roles are elected positions, although some have expertise requirements, like Technical Officer and Operations officer all active member could hold these positions. 

We fly the  appropriate aircraft per unit per map 

The organization units consist of : I./KG 54 -  II./ZG 76 - III./JG 77 & JV 44 (Late war)  


Aircraft Flown

I./KG54: He 111 | Ju 88 | Me 262

II./ZG76: Bf 110 | Me 410 | Fw 190 A-8

III./JG 77: Bf 109  E-4 | F-4 | G-2 | G-6 | K-4

JV 44: Me 262 | Fw 190 D-9








Then have no fear. Join our Flugrekrutierungsschule and we will get you started playing Multiplayer. 


We have established a Flugrekrutierungsschule for new or inexperience pilots to be trained both technically and tactically.

The Flugrekrutierungsschule will be directed by an actual real life and experience pilot.

Experience pilots will gain additional training to fine tune their skill. Flying within a group will improve your tactical knowledge and situational awareness.

Lastly, as a new unit, everyone will be given an opportunity for advancement and leadership. 










In Addition to reenacting JG 77, we will also reenact Jagdverband 44 (JV 44). 

The unit was established in February 1945 as a jet fighter squadron. The pilots were high-scoring aces or Expertenthe unit's top five aces alone had more than 1,000 combined victories. Consequently, the squadron will ideally consist of pilots graded advance. Pilots graded as “expert” or advance will fly the Me 262 while pilots graded as Advance or intermediate will fly FW 190 D-9 instead of the 109 K-4. However, if you have a strong desire to fly either aircraft then an exception can be made. Realism and historical accuracy can only go so for. 

Historically, JV 44 eventually comprised some fifty pilots and 25 Me 262 jets, although no more than six aircraft was operational at any given time. The squadron contained an airfield protection squadron for Me 262 which was vulnerable at take off and landing. This was called, Platzschutzstaffel. Historically, Five Fw 190 D-9 and 11s were attached to the JV44

The unit will operate on 1945 maps where the Me 262 and/ or the Fw 190 D-9 aircraft are available. It will operate independent of of JG77 for those missions.

 Official missions will have at least 1 Me 262 and two Fw 190 aircrafts or a 2:1 ratio. The "Platzschutzstaffel" may conduct an additional mission provided they perform their cover for both take off and landings. Sorties may be plan for either individual flights or Rote without providing "Platzschutzstaffel" for Me 262’s. Sorties of 3 or more aircrafts must provide cover for at least one Me 262 in order to be recorded by the adjutant as a sortie.


If interested, there is a separate application for to Join JV44. Application

If yo would like additional information, please feel free to join our discord channel (link is below) 



If you think you might be interested, please join our Discord Channel

Are you ready to join?  Application




Any Questions, comments, or feedback are welcome! 






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OP updated with new information. 


I should add that if you live in the region and you are not sure MP is right for you, but want to hang out with people int he same region as yourself, then feel free to join us on the Discord channel. 

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10 minutes ago, MeoW.Scharfi said:

You wrote Platzschutzstaffel 4 times in 4 different ways wrong. 😂


Oh, please. You are really saying that anyone who's mother tongue is not German will EVER be able to write "Platzschutzstaffel", lest pronouncing it correctly? Only if that person made his way to the forum by the grace of an Unterhaltungselektroniktelefonverarbeitungspartner, then you can expect such.


Just think of it, who on earth would come up with a Rinderkennzeichnungsfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz and expect people to adhere to that?


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