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  1. People are making a real meal by the length of time of development. Jason has a professional staff and Normandy is going to take a couple of years. It is 10 flyable planes. There are many more flyable planes being released all at once by an amateur staff with day jobs. I think we should cut these guys a little slack. ----- I actually asked what was meant by "summer.' There is only 7 weeks left of the summer. So either it will be sometimes this week or 7 weeks from now. This week seems short for such a vague statement and 7 weeks is a long for an announcement of "release." This video popped up in my feed
  2. Cool, but July is the summer. Could at least nail it down to either later this month or in August???
  3. I am guessing you didn't read my above comments. As I stated above, the Gladiator-K did remove the "mode" button because of the increase stick buttons, but I was given a configuration by an admin guy from the official forum. He stated the limitation is based on the game, but stated that IL2 is up to 64 buttons.
  4. The current stick doesn't have the feature. However, on the official forum, i was given a configuration that allowed for the second mode. There are three types; one for the stick only, one for the nine buttons and one for all buttons. He gave me the all button one. This is confirmed in the configuration set up. It registers all buttons. The second mode on the stick was not recognized either.
  5. I have recently purchased a VKB Gladiator-K stick. There are two modes. There are 38 programmable buttons and hats and one "throttle" slider. You can switch between Green and red mode. However, when I try to program in the "green" mode, it register it in the settings, but nothing happens. Help would be appreciated.
  6. I really never get the idea that people take exception to those that criticize a game. They are here because they like the game to start off with. The desire for something better is not a distaste. Conversely, someone that loves the game isn't blinded by its faults, though they are childishly called "fanboys." IL-2 and DCS obviously have high standards, but they are are taking a real tangible object and rendering it virtually. Imperfections is going to be apparent despite the efforts to the contrary.
  7. I do not know your point of reference, but in this thread, The Mosquito is hands down the first choice. A distant second is the Typhoon. Then , it is closely followed by the Map and the Me 410. How do I know? I counted them. Misread, but a poll would be nice anyway.... . ๐Ÿ˜ Here
  8. Make just ONE Choice Choices P-51 B/C P- 47 "Razerback" Typhoon Mosquito Spitfire Mk. XIV Bf 109 G-6 "Late" Fw 190 A-6 Ju 88 C-6a Me 410 Ar 234 AI Planes Game Features (e.g. Drop tanks) SP Experience (Career, Campaign, Mission Modes) Map Total Experience (Little of everything, but nothing of anything).
  9. That's a shame. I don't know if we can get enough guys on in the Asia/ Pacific time zone to make it worth while.
  10. They do that with every movie for the benefit of the audience.
  11. I am based in China (similar time zones). We could try to organized a group for the region and she how that goes.
  12. Leading of what? Lasers are "light." right? There is no air, so no friction.
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