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  1. I don't know why I can create a topic, but not reply to any threads in this subforum??? Mods feel free to delete this thread and respond in PM. EDIT: I cannot even quote myself. Does the site need more moderators?
  2. One thing I notice about these MP complaint threads is that people always compare aircraft to aircraft. However, IRL, pilots (every interview I have seen anyway) has stated it isn't the aircraft, but the pilot. You cannot just flip flop from one side to the other and claim any objectivity unless you are flying against the same pilots equally adapt in their respective aircraft. Just to illustrate my point; I have watch a fair amount of youtubers on MP servers. Comparing the aircraft/ pilots they shot down, I would argue that the AI (despite claims to the contrary) was actually better than the poor devil shot down on the server. Moreover, these same youtubers would fly both sides and shoot down pilots with equal skill (ye,s even with the infamous .50).
  3. It you follow the directions from above, it works just find. First delete the "Bin files" ...\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Campaigns\Fritz Life Click on type and scroll down to the "MSNBIN file" delete Locate the editing tool ...)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\bin\editor Click "Tools" Scroll down and click "Resave all missions in folder" Navigate to Fritz Life. It will take a few minute, but it will work fine after that. ---- I played the first mission, no issues. The name of its succeeding mission then pops up. (referencing my other post).
  4. Just to reiterate. What was said was that the first map would be pre-invasion. The second map would include airfields captured by the allies and then repaired for operations by allied air forces. I assume this would be a significant period of time after the invasion. I am not expert on D-Day operations, so i cannot comment on the specific timeline. I will assume the finalization of the maps (thus the time frame) would be something they will be developing these next few months. One thing is for certain, they will not be doing D-day or the immediate aftermath since the second map will include captured and repaired German airfields. They could always change their mind but this would be a radical shift in what they have created in past.
  5. People keep discussing D-Day but my impression from Jason is that they would be simming the operation prior to and after the D-Day invasion.
  6. The launcher requires an internet connection. The exe. does not. There wouldn't be a way for the exe to "know" of any update.
  7. it is my understanding that DM and FM are completely different. So to discuss the behavior of a FM is one thing and discussion of the DM is another. So the video is not "evidence" for the FM, but the DM. The problem is whenever someone makes a reasonable counter argument (which they are entitled to do), false accusation of bias. A difference of opinion is not "evidence" of bias. Ironically, the same people who claim toxicity are themselves the most toxic ones. I am not, nor I have I ever claim to have enough knowledge of the mechanics of the FM and DM to give an intelligent answer. My participation in this entire discussion started when I shared my experience. I somehow got thrown into the lot.
  8. It didn't start off this way. The video was an attempt to more the goal post from the original how can a 109 out turn my spit. Just a small note that has been explained already; you do not have any data to support any assertion, except for your "feelings" that something is wrong. Your only defense is to make unfounded accusation of bias. Bias against what, I have no idea.
  9. After resaving (and also before) none of the missions are named in the list. I can't seem to figure out why. I looked at other campaign folders and everything seems to be correct. The name for each are in the file name (which doesn't seem to matter) and in the mission itself.
  10. So it is not possible to have Gruppen Stab? They flew?
  11. You were informed of an avenue to help improve the FM/DM of the sim. If you choose to not to take and to instead argue with those that d not agree, then the toxicity is of your own making.
  12. You responded with "haha, exactly my point" immediately after my post. I assumed you were addressing me. It was suggested to bring up the discussion in the relevant thread (referring to the FM discussion). I also suggested the same thing. I am baffled to why you think that is unreasonable. There is no "Us vs. Them " as you seem to think. Plus, the development team is a small team. They rely on the community for assistance. I am not sure why this fact as alluded you. I am not sure why I am included in this grouping. I have made no such statements whatsoever. let me remind you this thread started off as a MP player complaining when he was bested by a 109 pilot in a turn. It was later that a FM issue was brought up. So, where do we go from here? There is an opinion. Some agree and others do not. What are we doing now? We are going back and forth in an endless circle. There is one video. There is a forum to discuss FM issues. If this is serious for you, then take the next step. Calling people toxic because they see the futility of the discussion resolves nothing and will lead to nothing. The ball is in your court!
  13. If this is was your take away from my comments, then you need to reexamine if you are contributing to toxicity. My contribution to this thread was me remarking how I was practicing diving using flaps and reduce speeds to get on the inside in a dive. I also stated I had some issues with the new physiology. However, this is only my experiences. It was after this that the video was thrown in on a different issue. Anyway, we could go all day with people posting their experiences. The developers would need more than that. You make asking for scientific data seem like an impossible task. I have read threads where people have gone into incredible detail about the smallest of details, so I am at a lost on why data is one step too far. You can't demand realism and then "bark" at request for demands. Going on anyone's whim or feelings is not going to cut it.
  14. You are purposely giving a slanted view of the discussion. The OP fist complained that a 109 pilot exhibited super human ability by being able to turn inside of him. Later a video was posted without any context as some sort of "proof." Then it got childish when claims biased opinions based on a silly notion of supposed aircraft preference. I don't know; maybe this is a thing. I can't imagine why. Most are here because they love flight sims and desire nothing more than realism. Moreover, there is a specific forum to discuss FM stuff. FM / AI discussion. If you really want to make a difference post there. To be honest, this thread was someone whining because they couldn't believe that got bested in MP and then the goal post was moved for more whining. Stop whining and post in the appropriate area. This was already suggested in this thread and it was "ignored" and childish ranting of bias opinions ensued. This was the first call for the closing of the thread. Of course, then there was even more whining of biased opinions. There is a proper procedure for reporting these issues so why they are being ignored and this sort of discussion is being continued is baffling. I don't find this forum to be toxic. They are certain posters who toxic or engage in constant disingenuous discussion. Then again, I am very much a student in aviation, so I spend my time reading threads that are more education. I tend stay away from the MP threads; they have incessant whining.
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