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  1. Cool! But not Cool! Just when my school starts back up. IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk, the latest addition to the long-standing and critically acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series of Aerial Combat Simulators is set to release on August 6th, 2020 at 5pm GMT via Steam and other digital platforms!! Pre-orders will be available starting on July 30th via the official IL-2 Sturmovik store https://il2sturmovik.com/ with a 15% discount for those who want to opt-in first! I posted this without realizing that Jason had made an official post here.
  2. I noticed it by accident. I had zoomed in for an photo opt when I noticed that the compass was in the wrong spot. I don't know if it is a frame rate concern, but may be more expedient matter. As noted the you can only see it from a certain angle in exterior mode and the amount of time creating the image may not be the best use of the developer's time.
  3. 30 mm yes, but don't know the specific round. This was the second time I did this. The other time was a P-47. The plane just exploded. I was in shocked so i didn't pause the game to take a photo of it. Both the wings were off.
  4. I always though the models were the same between interior view and exterior view. Just an FYI, this is not a criticism, just surprised.
  5. The following is less than a one second burst of fire. G-14 Destroys a P-38.
  6. Any time frame on if or when he G14 and K4 would be added?
  7. When I firsrst read your post, I thought funny, but probably an exaggerated caricature of VR users, but then this
  8. LMAO, have you read some of the issues VR users are having? I wouldn't exactly call it a viable alternative yet. I rather live in what is great now than what will be great years from now.
  9. When I first starting playing Rise of Flight, I used a mouse. I was perfectly fine. I read it was a better experience with a stick, so I bought a stick. A stick is a better experience and there isn't any drawbacks compared to the mouse. I do not have a TIR, I use a mouse to look around. Having TIR means you could use a throttle. Technically, you could use a throttle without it, but it would require a lot of hand movements. It is doable. The difference here is no one who has a TIR would cry if the TIR goes down that they can't play at all. That is something that VR users say, not TIR users. VR is a newer technology that is still being developed. Problems is going to persist for some time. Expectations are pretty high. I do not need to consider your questions at all because these technology are already standard and can be implemented with ease. Moreover, people can do without TIR with little or no inconvenience. I am not saying not to buy, but based on what I have read, you are not getting my sympathy. No offense, but I can look upon your issues with a sense of caution and indifferent amusement.
  10. Reading these comments about VR on this forward it is perfect ad for not getting VR any time soon. Not only is it full of issues, it is like an highly addictive drug.
  11. I am guessing this is for the 109 and you later switch to a 190 (06 - Training (Part1))????
  12. People are making a real meal by the length of time of development. Jason has a professional staff and Normandy is going to take a couple of years. It is 10 flyable planes. There are many more flyable planes being released all at once by an amateur staff with day jobs. I think we should cut these guys a little slack. ----- I actually asked what was meant by "summer.' There is only 7 weeks left of the summer. So either it will be sometimes this week or 7 weeks from now. This week seems short for such a vague statement and 7 weeks is a long for an announcement of "release." This video popped up in my feed
  13. Cool, but July is the summer. Could at least nail it down to either later this month or in August???
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