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How can I map a CH Throttle thumbstick as a non-centering input

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Pretty much just the title.  I'd like to utilize the thumbstick axes more as a wheel or a lever I guess rather than a return to center input.  Would be nice to nudge it up or down for things like mixture, radiator, or whatever.  I can't figure out how to obtain this functionality for the life of me.. Of course, the CH software doesn't work in Windows 10 very reliably these days.. So that option is kind of out of the picture.

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You can use in that way though a script program, like CH Manager (a bit trick to use in latest Windows 10), Joystick Gremlin, Autohotkey..., programming the axes in 'relative' mode.


So you move mini-stick from middle to 50%, the radiator increase 50%, for move back, move mini-stick from middle to 50% down, etc.


Direct in game controls GUI no way, no support for relative axis.

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