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332nd Group is resuming recruitment!

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Hello Pilots, The 332nd Group is opening recruitment back up for fun and mature people. If you enjoy flying US and British allied aircraft in a immersive and rewarding atmosphere, we have a place for you. Whether you enjoy flying bombers, attackers, or fighters, we have a place for you. Our group strives on communication and organization. However, this is NOT a milsim group neither is it a casual group. We like to stay between the two and try our best to bring you a immersive WW2 experience while having fun. We accept all pilots whether you are a veteran or brand new to flight sims, we also have a small training program we put all pilots through.


We are US based and we fly mainly on US CST and EST evening hours. Throughout the week we fly quite casually, on Friday nights we typically have Organized flights and operations. If you are interested in joining the group, please check out our discord https://discord.gg/s9u9P63 and we can discuss further, or about any questions you have. Also, you can check out our website at http://www.332ndvfg.com/ (Currently going through some changes) Thank you, and we hope to see some of you around!


Here's a look into one of our recent operations 


Some general screenshots





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Hi there.


New to the game and new to flight simming. Been playing around the scripted campaigns a bit so slowely getting some experience. Wanted to ask some questions and possibly join you guys. Is discord still the best Avenue to do this?

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What's your total Pilot count now?...........  Looking forward to flying with you guys on our monthly missions along with 352nd. 




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