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56 Sqn RAF - would you like to join?

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Edit 16th March 2020.  Recruiting has been suspended for the time being due to a highly successful recruiting campaign and the need to consolidate our increased strength in numbers.  


Hello folks,


We are looking for new members, so please send me a personal message on the forum if you would like to try us out for guest flying to see if we are a suitable fit as a squadron for you.


56 sqn RAF currently fly almost exclusively on IL-2 GB, though there are some members who dabble in DCS, CloD and Flying Circus as well.  We like to fly MP servers with more near to realistic settings, like Combat Box, so that we can hone our navigation skills and learn to identify aircraft types without icons.


Our members are a friendly and good natured bunch who have a passion for WW2 aircraft and aviation in general.  Most of us have been flying combat flight simulations for many years and some have had first hand experience working in the real world of aviation and computer technology.    


Currently we have a hard core of about 6-8 flying regularly on Sundays & Wednesdays, from about 8pm to 10pm local UK time.   Sometimes two or three of us will meet up on other days or nights unofficially and fly casually.  I tend to fly almost every night of the week, so I should easily be able to find time to meet up and fly with anyone who may want to consider joining us.


Our membership is mostly UK based, but we also have members from Poland and the Netherlands.  We don't have a formal rank structure, but on a voluntary basis we agree a new CO for 12 or 6 months at a time to provide leadership and direction.

We have no entry qualification.  Most people join by just asking to fly with us a few times and then sticking around if they would like to continue flying with us.  If you can take-off and land and are willing to fly as part of a pair then you will be OK.  If you would like training then we can provide that and match our flying to meet your needs and ours. 


We don't fly 'air display' wingtip formations.  We usually fly a combat spread around 400-800yds apart and we are patient if it takes folks a while to improve their ability to stay with the leader.  We find that we are always learning and are always looking to learn from and support each other.

We aim to fly as a group and stay alive and return to base together, so suicidal types who only want to get kills, die and relaunch alone to do it again will probably not fit in, LOL.


We use our own Teamspeak server broken down into flights when necessary.

The Spitfire and Tempest V are historical rides for 56 Sqn, so we often fly these aircraft on BoBP maps at the moment, together with the P38, P47 and A20 for mud moving.  On other maps we fly mostly Russian aircraft and probably fly Spitfires, Yak1bs/Yak7bs and the Pe2 more than any others.  You will be given a personal skin for these and a few others.  Some of us lean more towards bombers, some of us lean more towards fighters and some of us like flying bombers just as much as the fighters.  If you would like to join us I think you will find us a broad church and we have a couple of chaps who like to fly LW aircraft too.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like to give it a go and come and punch holes in the virtual skies with us.


Happy landings,



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