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Correct names for pilots in exiled squadrons BoBP

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This is a minor immersion issue but I'd like to see the squadrons in exile ( Polish, Norwegian, Free French) to have names that reflect the country they supposedly hail from, currently they all draw from the British names. I'm not sure if this is already planned to be fixed (in which case this can be ignored and closed), a design choice or a small oversight.


Polish example:




Norwegian Example:




French example:




Some suggestions for Norwegian pilots:


Given names (names of actual Norwegian pilots during WW2):
Rolf, Arne, Anders, Per, Hans, Knut, Svein, Harald, Leif, Helge, Ole, Jon, Odd

*note it's not unusual for two first names to be combined in Norway as seen in Rolf Arne Berg https://www.norwegianspitfire.com/rolf-arne-berg-the-legend/


Berg, Eriksen, Heglund, Tandberg, Tvedte, Evensen, Bergsland, Gran, Hagrup, Olsen, Jensen, Haabjørn, Skjelderup, Lorentzen, Larsen, Hansen 


I'd add for Polish or French but that might be a task better suited for people from those countries respectively.


I'm not sure how hard it would be to fix (could just be adding a few lines of code or a massive headache, I don't know how to make games) and I wouldn't want this to draw too many resources away from more important aspects that more directly affect gameplay but I still think it should be considered. As a Norwegian myself I know I'd appreciate some Norwegian wingmen (and maybe care more if they survived or not) and I'm sure people would appreciate the added immersion whether they're from any of the countries mentioned or just want to fly in one of those squadrons.

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For me it was a major immersion issue to see English names on a Polish squad. Career definitely needs some love.

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I'd be happy to see this treatment given to the Italian and Spanish squadrons in Battle of Moscow/Battle of Stalingrad as well.


Not a tremendous priority, but it'd be a lovely QoL boost.

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