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Serious problems with the Bos image

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Hi folks, how are you?

I tell you that for a few months I had problems with Bos's image.

Contacts do not look as before, regardless of whether they are over a forest or in an open area.

If I am at 3000 mtr I only see them if they shoot.

Before this, if they were on the ground, they could see it clearly from 6000 mtr without problems.

It is very frustrating not being able to see the contacts when I saw them before and I could recognize the contacts from afar, by side or by type of plane without losing one.

Those in my squad won't let me lie.

In addition, the game is saturated with jumps and a lot of stuttering, it gets worse after the last three or four updates.

It's unbearable, my head hurts.

I tried everything, game menu, monitor, nvidia panel, nvidia inspector, Reshade.

I don't know what else to try.

If anyone has information to contribute, I appreciate it very much.

sorry for the english google translate

Greetings to all.

It is not an attack on developers is what I believe, and you have to be aware of that to be able to find a video configuration that functions for each case.

What I notice and I think is what is wrong is that I can not reach the maximum refresh (144 fps) of my monitor when the graph (60%) and the processor (40%) are very far from its top, when in other CPU and GPU games if they reach their maximum.

If I am on land the average is 100 fps and flying at 2000 mtr rises to 180 fps with the aforementioned percentages of use.

The question is why the graph is not set to 100% work when I have it set to "maximum performance" in the nvidia panel and in the game "FPS off".

The temperatures are excellent GPU at 50 ° and cpu at 40 ° stable.

My machine has an i5 8400, evga 1080 SC 8gb, 16ram 2400hz dual chanel, 650w source, Asrock H370-pro4 motherboard, Samsung 24 "144hz monitor by displayport 1.2

Graphic menu of the game in

Quality- high


Shadows- off

Mirrors- off

Far landscape detail- x3

Drawn distance- 70km

Landscape filter - Sharper

Herb quality - Normal

Cloud quality - high


Resolution Factor- 1.0


Gamma-0.8 correction



4k textures


If they are fixed I do not have an excessive load for the GPU in the graphics menu




triple buffer- off

Shading cache - activated.

High quality textures filtering.

LOD texture filtering - fixation.

Anisotropic optimization disabled.

Trilinear optimization - activated.

Global anisotropic filter- X8.

Pre-rendered frames- 1.

Preferred refresh rate - highest possible.

Low latency mode-off.

Power mode - prefer maximum performance.

Linked-automatic optimization.

Smoothing lines - 4x.

Smoothing of gamma-activated lines.

Smoothing of lines mode- annul application.

Line smoothing transfer- deactivated.

Smoothing lines with multi sampling


FXAA line smoothing - disabled.



Adaptive sharpen



To the Nvidia inspector the truth has not touched him for a long time.


There I leave all the data to see if they realize something strange.

Greetings to all and thank you very much for the contribution.

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You are most likely limited by single thread CPU performance. CPU utilization monitoring software is unable to show this.


The only solution would be to get a faster CPU, but even then 144 fps all the time is not guaranteed.

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After the arrival of the Bodenplatte I tell you that I still have the problems before.

I would like to know if there is someone who plays at 120-144 stable fps and with the GPU over 80% workload to be able to compare and have more data.

To these were added the problems that come with the new.

Separated from the previous problem of fps, with the new patch and with the same graphic load of gpu, without changing anything I lost between 25-30 fps than I had before the last update.

It also shows less stability.

Contacts are now harder to see and almost impossible to identify.

I did a test and without zooming at 20-25 km you can see a contact very noticeably and with a gray-white color.

If the same contact enters within 10km and we zoom it starts to get smaller until it almost disappears.

I don't think it's very logical that a contact can be seen at 25km and not 5km.

I hope they implement the previous method for the detection distances the contacts why this is not right.

Hopefully the bugs can be fixed over time and find some explanation as to why the game does not use the full power of the gpu.




Returning to the initial topic, I am almost certain that the problem of fps and that the graph does not reach its maximum performance is a bad configuration of the bos.

I leave some images taken from YouTube where they test the combination of cpu and gpu like the one I have and where the GPU goes almost 100%.









The difference between the YouTube test and my machine is that the first one has memories at 3200hz and I have them at 2400hz.

The same makes an insignificant difference in the delivery of fps as seen in this ram memory test.

In this case, such a large reduction in the use of such an important component (GPU) cannot be caused by memories with these differences in Hz or latencies.

I leave a picture below the ram performance test.



Edited by -=PHX=-cocho

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Talking to Super_etendard he told me that it seems to him that the problem that the GPU does not exceed 65-70% can be the Bos with the processor

(I5 8400) that does not use its full capacity.

That seems logical to me, since the images I left above show that in other games everything is put to 100% work.

I leave another picture of my machine running the Battlefields V where it is seen that the GPU and cpu (1 core) are full or close to 100%.


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