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Flanders in Flames

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S! All



Saturday December 7 we will be  changing from Midway to Pearl Harbor.   Ooops that is for next year after PTO comes out.


This will be the last FiF for this year. Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. It will be the even map.


After FiF the server will be changed to a preview of FiF for FC.  There will be no 15 minute wait before first takeoff, no death penalty  and unlimited scout planes. South part of the map has the closest airfields to the front.


There are a few changes some are visual and some are game mechanics.





The subtitles have been reduced to  the non icon targets.

When targets are killed there are few to no subtitles and the target icon is removed from the map. Secondary targets are usually announced once and then have an icon placed on the map.

For the General and the spy, they now spawn a flak gun that must be killed to pick up the spy or General. No landing necessary. When landing back at base these missions spawn the Reserve unit Target. 

Because of soggy ground, there is no rescue mission and all planes should land at active bases to complete missions or stay alive.

Trains have a pair of MGs for defense.

Trench line recon is merely flying the pattern from one end or the other. There are multiple check zones that must be triggered.

HQ recon is a single check zone but needs two passes to complete. The target shows no signs of being active, You must pass over it to see if you get an active message. After pics get back to base, Secondary target is announced and target Icon for secondary and HQ are placed on map. No more trying to remember location of HQ.

All recons must be done between 2000 and 4000 meters.

Hospital icon only shows after the enemy ace is killed.

No Flak fence.

Machine guns run along the trenches and have large spaces between the groups. They almost reach as high as 5000 ft

Trench attack target is now out in the trenches. It is in a curved group of bunkers so that it stands out. Target is now 1 flak gun and 3 MGs.

The hard part is going to be adjusting the difficulty level of targets. How much defense and how many bombs will be the big questions. Trains and Truck convoys are much harder to kill due to motion and time delay on bombs.


There  are now 3 trains (no icon), 3 truck convoys (no Icon), 3 ships (stationary), 3 Aerodrome attack, 3 factories, 3 bridges, 3 supply depot.


Pictures below are aerodrome attack, factory, supply depot, tanks at a factory ( sorry no tanks ), reserve unit and hospital.


There are multiple copies of these locations on the map. Not all will be active.  The Odd and Even map are built into the mission file. The game randomly chooses.



supply depot.jpg

tanks at factory.jpg



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Looks good, Butzzell!

Question: What bombs must be taken to knock down a building? Will 12,5 kg / 20lb's do any harm to those?

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Measured with small bombs.


Bridge   1

Supply depot   2  or maybe 3

Aerodrome attack fuel tanks     1 if you are good. I use 2.

Factory  5.      Usually takes two passes  to drop enough small bombs.  

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Map seemed fun. Just playercount was a bit too Low Yesterday. But I enjoyed my time. Maybe a few AI-flights to substitute this.

Definatly thumps Up.

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I was in yesterday after most people were already gone except for maybe 10 players and it was a lot of fun. It's gonna be a great event. Thanks

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