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Coniferous trees in NWE - BoBP map

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I understood the map is subject to constant improvement. One important area which needs to be looked after if time permits is certainly the percentage of coniferous trees. Fortunately for Germany we have pretty solid information about that. I am pretty convinced the situation in northern france and benelux is about the same. Information comes from this site quick+dirty translated via google (https://www.sdw.de/waldwissen/wald-in-deutschland/waldanteil).


Back in the 1940s the percentage of coniferous forest was certainly higher (perhaps more than 60% due to high demand in general industry and construction industry)


Area of the forest in Germany:
11.4 million ha (BMI³)

Forest consists of:
56% of coniferous forest and
44% from deciduous forest

The proportion of coniferous trees has been decreasing for several years, the proportion of mixed forest is increasing.

Proportions of tree species:

Spruce, pine, beech and oak occupy almost three quarters of the forest area. On birch, ash, alder, larch, Douglas fir and sycamore together account for another 17 percent. In total, 76 different species of trees grow in German forests.

Beech 16%
Oak 10%
Deciduous trees of low lifespan
(Birch, poplar, alder) 10%
Deciduous trees of high durability
(Maple, ash, linden) 6%
Spruce 26%
Pine 23%
Larch 3%
Fir 2%
Douglas fir 2%
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