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Pacific Theater

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PLEASE, PLEASE Pretty please make a Pacific version of the game.

You guys have done incredible work and in my view IL-2 Sturmovik and games has made their games # 1 in every way.

please go further and make a side or add on to this game as Pacific Theater or ww2 in the Pacific.

Please Please guys DONOT STOP here, Birds Of Steel happened but not for us PC users and was okay but nothing like what you guys have created.

My Hat is off to you Good Work.



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Welcome to the forum.

We are all waiting for the announcement of the next theater as the previous one has just been released.

The Pacific has been (and hopefully still is) in the plans.

Here's a post from Jason about the matter:


So, fingers crossed and maybe one day.


In the mean while, we can enjoy what we already have for now (it's really worth it) and even if the next theater is not the Pacific, please stay on board and keep supporting this great sim, to maybe get there eventually one day.


Have a nice day.




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