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Herlbrug when the time stopped

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It is not a screenshot and it is not a movie. It is in between. It is a totally fictional short story. The story of a small German city with factories and industries that has been leveled by massive carpet bombings. I choose Herlbrug (code name) on the Rheinland map to illustrate this. Even my very powerful computer with a RTX 2080Ti, in the midst of the raging bombings, all AAA artillery firing and the whole city in flames could manage just 6 or 7 fps. This is why it cannot be a movie, but a screenshot is too short.


The city of Herlbrug is a small city with some very important factories that produce critical components for the German army. The Bomber command has decided to destroy all these facilities.

The German army knowing that it is a small but strategic town has decided to defend it. There are 50 flak 37 guns, 10 barrage balloons, and 10 searchlight equipped AAA artillery zones.

Bomber command is sending a bomber flight with 36 bombers, a mix of B25 and A20b bombers loaded at maximum capacity with 1000, 500, and 100 pound bombs.


Here is the story of the last night when in Herleen time stopped.


1) Somewhere on an allied airbase it is sunset and bombers line up for a night mission




2) The bombers are now ready to go




3) It is a quiet end of summer night in Herlbrug




4) The wolf-pack lurking in the dark is now approaching its prey




5) Suddenly the inhabitants of Herlbrug are stripped off their sleep by all the sirens that start a terrible sound all over the city.

The antiaircraft batteries go on alert and searchlight lit up in the sky. But where is the enemy.




6) There is no escape. The wolves close in for the kill.




7) Anti aircraft fire climbs up in the sky.




(8) Bombs gone




9) Explosions rock the city. Terrible airblasts generates a mayhem. 




10) Herlbrug gunners try to fight back in the middle of the flames and destruction




11) The searchlights are blinding the pilots but it is too late.




12) Herlbrug is on fire and the life time stops




13) It is the beginning of a new sunny summer day. But life in Herlbrug stopped in the midst of the night.




14) The day goes on and the fires abate. Entire blocks have been incinerated. The chemical factory is still burning.




15) Bomber Command decided after a morning reconnaissance flight, a second massive daylight raid to ensure no factory has been left standing.



Mission accomplished !!!

















10 Heerlen on Fire 2 Small.jpg

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29 minutes ago, Heliopause said:

Nooooo ....not the nice Dutch town of Heerlen! :blink:


It's a virtual city on the Rheinland map. But we can change the name if you wish.


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Heliopause I hope you will like the change. The nice city of Herleen is intact. I checked and I hope not be wrong but the Dutch city of Herlbrug, does not exist.


i understand we can have these kind of issues with fictional war stories on maps that depict as much as possible the real world. For sure I did not want to hurt anyone emotionally, and war is a bloody emotional and dirty  thing unfortunately. 



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