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Suggestions for alternate visibility and increased spotting of flak, explosions, and other effects

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I have some suggestions for alternate visibility.  Scaling of planes should be solely based on distance away from you and not be affected by zoom level.  As of right now, it's easier to see planes when zoomed out vs zoomed in with alternate visibility on, which seems backwards to me.  You'll see a scaled-up plane 10-15km away when zoomed out, just to zoom in on it and have it practically disappear as it gets scaled back down.  It's jarring and unintuitive to zoom in on something and have it appear smaller.  If the scaling was based solely on the range between you and the target, this wouldn't happen anymore.  


Then whatever formula you use to define the scaling, linear, logarithmic, sigmoid, idk what the best one is, but it should have changeable coefficients (maybe in the config file) so that you can customize the magnitude and maybe the starting and stopping distances for the scaling.  Then people playing single player could personalize the alternate visibility to their liking, and multiplayer servers should be able to force the coefficients, so server owners would also be able to customize alternate spotting to their liking as well.  For instance, if someone thinks regular spotting is a bit too hard, but alternate spotting is too easy, so they only want maybe 30% of the scaling effect, then they should be able to do that.  Or, if they want the scaling to start at 1km and cap out at 10km, then they should be able to do that too.


This brings me to the other effects.  I know player aircraft used to not be rendered at all beyond 10km, and now they're visible waaay further than that, even though they might just be a pixel or two, you can still see that something's out there if you have good eyes.  I love that change.  It's great, but other major effects still pop into existence at around the same 10km distance.  You can't see tracers further than 7-8km away.  You can't see nav lights or bomb explosions further than ~9.5km away.  The smoke cloud from even the giant 2500kg bomb from the He-111 doesn't show up if you're more than 9.5km away.  You just see a crater appear where it impacted.  But the big one in my opinion is flak.  Flak poofs cannot be seen after ~10km.  You can be tracking a plane that might be 12-15km away and they could be in the heaviest flak cloud of their life and you'd never see any of it because you're too far away for flak to render.


It would be absolutely wonderful if the rest of these effects could be brought up to the new standard of plane spotting.  I understand that drawing these effects at an increased range can be taxing on computers, but some of these things, especially the effects involving other aircraft, are too important to not render.

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