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New command in ME and multiplayer: 'fakefield 1P'

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Hello devs:


Type of improvement: Multiplayer

Explanation of proposals: For the new multiplayer maps, where Airfields have much more extension and places to park airplanes, it is difficult or impossible to place current spawns. Rheinland airfields have very good places to spawn, but given the characteristic of the "fakefield" command, it is not possible. The same for other airfields in other maps, such as Kuban and some in Moscow. A new icon could be created for the Airfield command in Mission Editor, as well as a "fakefield 1P" (fakefield 1 plane).

Now, how to prevent that spawn does not cause a player to appear in the same place while there is another, perhaps with a defined area. So while that player is inside the area, no other can appear in the same place. Or a defined time , it can be too.
It would also be necessary to modify the drawing of the aerodrome on the map so that you can see the places to enter available. I refer to the multiplayer map when entering the game and selecting coalition. Or if that is difficult (re-draw the airfieldas in map), create a large icon that refers to a specific area of the airfield and spawn in the available places defined by the creator in the editor. The area could be regulated in advanced properties.

Benefits: Enjoy and give more realism to the simulator. As well as those who like to enjoy all the stages of flying a plane.

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