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P38 mod to f5 variant.

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5 minutes ago, Raptorattacker said:

You can't really remove the gunports in the nose as they're an actual part of the 3-d mesh/model. It's a thing you've just get to live with.

Thanks Raptor.  I have been racking my limited 3d modeling brain as to a work around.  I guess that it will have to be.  The closest I have come using just PS^ is to either make them translucent or to lower the shine in alpha channel and make the color as close to the nose as possible.  It's been a fun project and I am learning a lot from my inquiry.


PS I love your work.


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No problem my friend. I did 'Map Happy Pappy' and came across the same thing. Sometimes you've just got to swallow it and live with the imperfections! The thing is, as long as you've 'suggested it' in the skin I personally think that you've done your bit.



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