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[MISSION BUILDER ASSET] Allied (US/UK) Airfield objects

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I'd like to suggest the following for the Misson Maker.


US/UK Fuel Trucks & Service Trucks


Static Allied bomb racks for GP250, GP500 and GP1000


Static Allied aircraft with cowlings open, parts on the ground and mechanics working on them or assembling them out of crates (mini diorama)


Static and Object US/UK vehicles:

  • Harley Davidson 42WLA motorcycle
  • DUKW353
  • GMC CCKW 353, 2.5 ton w/ MH2B .50 and the 'State Truck' with the flat bed and removable sidewalls.
  • Ford M20
  • M3 Scout Car
  • M3A1 Half-Track w/ MH2B .50
  • Plymouth Staff Car
  • 75mm M3 Motor Carriage
  • US Army Ambulance
  • G503 10 ton Wrecker
  • 155mm 'Long Tom' M2 Standard and M5 Heavy.

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