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JG51Molders is recruiting again

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Are you a noob?  Are you LTAP? Are you a pro VR pilot?  Do you want to fly Heavy Bombers?  Do you want to Fly attack aircraft?  Do you want to fly a JU52?  Do you want to fly pure fighters?  Do you want to fly escort duties?


If you've answered yes to any of these questions and want to be involved with an Axis Unit then take a look at what we have to offer.


JG51Molders is a multi task unit. 

We have a Heavy Bomber wing that fly the HE111 and the JU88 destroying strategic targets behind the lines.
We have an Attack wing flying Me110s and the HS129 attacking front line fortifications, trains, trucks, tanks, towns, and Anti aircraft positions.

We have fighter and Escort wings flying Bf109s, FW190s and the ME262 destroying enemy aircraft using proven tactics that work.

And when the Attack wing isn't on the hunt at the front lines they fly the JU52 running supplies and Paratroopers to support the fight.


If you've ever wanted to try flying against P38s, P47s, P51s, Yaks, and MiGs come and join us for a night on the town.
And just for grins we have some folks that fly in Flying Circus.

We fly against another squad on a dedicated server with a live map on Friday Nights at 8:00 Eastern United States Time zone and Sunday night at 7:00 Eastern US Time zone.  We have people flying in other servers when the private server is off line.

We use simple Radio for primary communications.  We use Discord for minor comms and training.   We have our forums for anyone to peek into our working practices and videos.

If you think you'd like to hang with the us in a loose deuce flight then by all means.  Sign up on our forums and introduce yourself. 
Hit the link https://www.jg51molders.com/forum/ and drop on in.



CO JG51Molders 


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For the past few weeks JG51 "Mölders" has been participating in a squadron vs. squadron campaign against the AKA WarDogs. We are using the Coconuts dynamic campaign software and it has proven to be a blast. This film is form the 8th of November. 


In the past few week the AKA guys have pushed us off the main land and we have been trying to regain a foot hold. Last week we finally manged to establish a foot hold back across the channel at the Fontal airfield. Our mission for this week was to attack and take the airfield of TAMAN.

Flight leads:
Bombers - MoneyShot
Attack aircraft - OGG
Fighters - Moostafa

Just a quick note - This film is from my point of view but does not show the entire fight. The AKA guys are a very well organized and skilled squad. The kill to death ratio between our two squad is pretty much equal at this point for the campaign. This has been a had fought fight. 

Nothing like going up against another well organized, skilled and motivated squad. Every mission and sortie requires you bring your "A" game. 




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Bomber pilots we need you.  Are you super bomber?  Do you think you have what it takes to lead a group?  Do you think you can fly with a group in tight formation?  can you fly with escorts buzzing around killing enemies near your flight?  

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We have some very skilled bomber pilots that have joined our group recently but we’re looking to move beyond individual skill and build a cohesive well disciplined unit.  


As a unit JG51 has primarily focused on fighter operations and although we can give general guidance in this area we recognize the special skill and discipline needed to truly be effective as a bomber unit. Although we welcome any bomber pilots to join us what we really need is a bomber guru who would be interested in leading our efforts to create a top tier bombing unit. 


If your interested we would love to get together and talk.  

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