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Asia/Oceania Virtual Pilots Group (UTC +7 - UTC +11)

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WebFlyingTigers_Sticker_large.jpg.68cec9c1b76e576c3711d808af3ae612.jpgVirtual Pilots of the "Pacific" (VPOP) 

An umbrella group for all virtual pilots living roughly between UTC +7 and UTC +11 


One thing I noticed is that there isn't a (strong) presence of virtual squadrons for pilots that live in East Asia, Australia and Oceania. Many do what I have done; join a group that is based in North America and or Europe and miss out on squadron exercises because of the time difference.  It is time that virtual pilots of this region to stand up and be counted and form squadrons for both the Axis and Allies.


The purpose of this "Group" is to coordinate efforts to create individual squadrons that will cater to the East Asian, SE Asian, Australian, and Pacifica needs.. 


So it is time to answer the muster and express your interest and being part of starting something from ground floor. 


Please indicate interest in joining and wiliness to take on a training and/or commanding role below. OR join Discordhttps://discord.gg/JdBxVWQ



290831786_JG77Discordimage.thumb.jpg.3d5a49d3a5b753feda1929a23e3ac18a.jpg A new unit has started for our time zone. JG 77. See ad here. Join Discord here and apply here. 290831786_JG77Discordimage.thumb.jpg.3d5a49d3a5b753feda1929a23e3ac18a.jpg

If you belong to an allied squadron and is forming a squadron for pilots in this time zone, please let me know. I will include a link to your application/ discord channel. If you have a preference for allies, please join the VPOP discord, so that we can help organized one for you. 



See you all in the Skies!

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There was a group called Oceanic Group or something to that effect in the old IL2.  Had some good budies in it that flew when I worked nights and got home late (Cali pacific time)  Smiladon was one of them most were out of New Zealand. 




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