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Squadron skins and codes

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If this is already available I haven't seen it - It would be really great for immersion if you had the old IL2-46 ability or similar to nominate a code for each aircraft so that by using one skin with the squadron code plus the nominated code you ended up with each aircraft having the right squadron skin but a different aircraft letter. eg on skin for say RAAF 457 SQD with squadron code letters ZP and then each plane is allocated it's own code letter/number. So I might pick N and therefore my aircraft would appear in game as ZP-N. As far as I know, to do the same right now you would need to produce an individual custom skin for each aircraft which seems pretty inefficient and the alternative is the no-code default skins just showing nationality marks which lack the added realism of correct squadron skins. Luftwaffe and US aircraft would be more complicated I guess but it would still be great if it was possible.

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