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Map area for british rhineland campaign 1945

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Hi guys,


with regard to the historical important area of the british rhineland campaign which is one important anchor point of this game as stated here, the map needs some revising:



Chapter 5: Battle of the Rhine (February 8 – March 28, 1945)

- Operation Veritable (February 8 – March 10, 1945)
- Operation Clarion (February 22 – 23, 1945)
- Operation Grenade (February 23 – March 10, 1945)
- Operation Plunder (March 23 – 28, 1945)


If you look at the actual ground operations, you can easily realise that important key areas are lacking on the current rhineland map. I suggest to add those, to have at least the important towns in the game which were essential for the historical battles.


Plunder and Varsity: Xanten, Rees and Hamminkeln are left out of the present map.





Veritable: Goch, Uedem, Kalkar are left out of the current map








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It would be nice, but this map is nothing more than a huge dogfight arena. It would seem that history is of no importance.


Edited for clarification.

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