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Photographing death

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A Russian defender photographs his own death during the "Battle of Moscow". It was near the town of Tarhanovo which is around 60 miles (100km) away from Moscow...The Russians were fiercely fighting against the 4th Panzer Group (trying to figure out which Russian Army unit were fighting the 4th Panzer Group at the time).

The BF-109E7 that was attacking a Russian AAA right next to the camera man from the was from the LG2 squadron..

The date of the battle and picture was taken on October 30th, 1941.

TOP: The BF-109E7 started firing his 20mm. The "glow" you see in front of the tree was actually a 20MM impact

BELOW: The camera man was hit and his camera was actually knocked out of his hands, off taking pictures in the process. The BF-109 was still firing his 20MM guns

Photographing your Death.jpg

death shot.jpg

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