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Collector Plane suggestion for 1C

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With new collector planes getting close of being announced and based on the almost confirmed possibility of one of them being a Hurricane, I come here to ask that the Macchi 200 be put into consideration.
The Macchi 200 was THE plane of the Corpo Di Spedizione Italiano in Russia (CSIR) or the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia and had a very interesting tour of duty participating in both air-to-air combat and air-to-ground, it faced I16s, MiGs in Russia and Hurricanes in Malta, so the Macchi would pair well with the Hurricane. It ended its service with a interesting ratio of around 80 air victories to 15 aircraft lost. It would also prove to be an interesting aircraft to fly as it was really maneuverable with a low stall speed and had interesting "field mods" for example: pilots would remove the canopy so they would see better; The aircraft would bring more life to the early war scenarios in IL-2 and more choices for the Career mode. I do believe the Italian community would rush to buy it as soon as its announced, plus a few more of early war fans, so I do not, in my limited knowledge, think it would be a "bad business move". I just hope someone actually reads this and takes it into consideration.
I love that you guys made the Macchi 202 and I am grateful because it is the best modeled Italian WW2 aircraft ever made on any simulation and I never stopped flying it. Thank you!



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