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Tempest gunsight broken in 3201 -VR

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23 hours ago, TWHYata_PL said:

In VR I don't see Tempest cross mark in gunsight  Anybody else ?


22 minutes ago, Nauht said:

I can't see any 109 gunsights in VR either. They're just gone.


I recall somebody on TeamSpeak mention yesterday something about 3DMigoto mod (or whatever it's called) being the problem for them, not the game.  If you have that particular mod or something like it, try it without.   If you don't have it, then it may actually be the game.  

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Has anyone figured out what's wrong? I don't have any mods installed or 3DMigoto but I'm still not seeing a gunsight in VR in any aircraft. I've tried reinstalling which didn't fix the issue. It was working fine just a month or so ago last time I played.

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