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Wehrmacht Befelshaber Niederlands - WBN (Armed Forces Command Netherlands)


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"As Allied armies approached the Dutch frontier, German combat units withdrew into the Netherlands from Belgium, requiring the establishment of
tactical command boundaries. On September 16, 1944, a day before the Allied operation, Generalfeldmarschall Model divided the Netherlands into three sectors, with the boundaries somewhat resembling a “T.” On the north side of the “T,” the WBN remained in control of the rear areas. The west side of the “T” including the North Sea coast was the responsibility of Zangen’s AOK 15, while the eastern side towards Germany and the Reichswald was the responsibility of Student’s 1. Fallschirm-Armee (Fsch-AOK 1)."


Please, help me to find info about Wehrmacht Befelshaber Niederlands.

Did this unit exist before the complete liberation of the Netherlands, or was it disbanded or renamed before?

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From wikipedia:


In den Niederlanden wurde nach der Einsetzung eines Reichskommissars im Mai 1940 die Stellung eines Wehrmachtbefehlshabers geschaffen. Dieser erhielt mit Verfügung vom 17. Mai 1942 die Dienststellung und Befugnisse eines Armeeoberbefehlshabers. Im November 1944 wurde aus dem Stab des Wehrmachtbefehlshabers die 25. Armee gebildet.

Wehrmachtbefehlshaber in den Niederlanden war:


so it’s not a unit, but a command(er), comparable with an Army supreme commander/general. It existed side by side with a “civilian” counterpart. This article also states that in nov 1944 from Stab the 25th army was created.

But yes, it existed since May 1940 (occupation of the Netherlands).

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Thanks to you, now I understand where I should look for it.


"The 25th army was formed on 10 November 1944 in the Netherlands from the staffs of the Armed Forces Commander of the Netherlands and the "Kleffel" (previously known as "Narva") Task Force.[2] The designation as "army" was for most of the command's existence a deception measure as it did not command more than three divisions until April 1945.

25th Army held the northern-most position of the German front line of the Western Front in late 1944 and 1945, with its right (western) flank anchored on the North Sea and its left (eastern) flank adjoining the 1st Parachute Army. Defending the western Netherlands along the Maas River from the North Sea to Arnhem,[3] its primary opponent was First Canadian Army."


So, looks like I have to show Armed Forces Command Netherlands from Sep 17 till Nov 10 on our career map here



And after Nov 10 it has been transformed to 25th Army while the 15th Army was transferred to the southeast


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