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My Old Squad BM357

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Oh how the years have passed, but the memories of putting on the headset flying in formation, training and learning went hand in hand meeting so many people with the same passion.

The passion is still there, the computers are faster, and graphics are amazing but it was the squad ideal that overcame  all the new tech but did lead people to drop out when they could not upgrade their systems. Is the passion still there, or has the social aspect left the scene. It wasn't the kills it was the fact of watching someone's back that seems to be missing in today's world of instant gratification.


I would like to get back into the IL2  group again to see how the sim life has changed since I bought my first IL2 disk. With so many years where does one restart?


Hats off to my old squad members, Raven , Ram Bam, Preacher, sorry to all the other members who I enjoyed so many hours with during the toughest time of my life. I hope to find again that group of fellow simmers who enjoy their time as much as I did way back.


My last disk in my collection is  Pacific Fighters and ended my sim flying after that scenario. How does one restart from scratch?

The steam editions? I dont want to have another FS flight sim disaster on my hands when i used the steam version instead of my own disks.

Any thoughts on restarting with a group and how to resume the sim again?


Watching  your six! Thanks for any help.



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