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Is this in VR?


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3 hours ago, greywulf said:

How would you rate the quality of the VR here? Like IL-2 Great Battles?


Its great and disappointing in equal measure.   


The three biggest remaining issues are

1. the required use of keyboard which is difficult without eyes. 

2. the VR view is linked to the hull of the tank and not the turret basket (so when the turret spins and you are the gunner your head remains forward) 

3. the gunsight view is next to impossible to use in VR (you cant "nestle" to it like you can in the plane bombsight.


The good news is that these seem like issues that can hopefully be solved.  For instance, there seems to be no great reason why the gunsight isn't identical to the bombsight in VR.


That said, buy TC


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Dont expect excellence straight out of the box. Like any peripheral it requires correct setup . There is lot of information to do that right here on the forum and researching the right VR set for you is critical with any VR game.  Some will provide different experiences.


There is no rear 6 view (Direct) unless you sacrifice a hand controller to the task (more mucking around)  Not a problem if that was the case for everyone but non VR flyers don't suffer the same limitation.  As above, an easy fix if addressed.


I find VR provides 100 times more immersion in the game for me personally. I think it benefits your spatial awareness and assists in targeting and judging distances.  I don't believe aircraft identification at distance is as clear with VR as it is with other viewing platforms, tho someone assured me viewing distances are the same for everyone in BOS so non techo that I am, I am putting this down to resolution and variances in VR models.


I cannot foresee any future where I willing fly a combat sim without VR, so research wisely and never look back.....literally....never look back!

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Well one of the problems has been fixed, the view of the crew in the turret is now linked to the turret... which is cool,  though the gunners “ take control” view is still linked to the hull.  At least the nestled view works as expected.


Damn, if they could just figure out a way to have the turret elevate/depress and rotate from arrow keys, game controller, or joystick.  The mouse “point and follow” is hard to accept.  I don’t know what’s going on here technologically but obviously it’s a big deal to implement. 


Its getting there.

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I'm confused about the VR. Can you still use HOTAS while using a headset? And what kind do you recommend? What other equipment do I need to run it in VR? Thank you!

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