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China Air War Recommendation 1936-1941


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The first phase China air war ran from the mid 1930's through Dec 7th, 1941.


Of note, there was a Volunteer Group, the Flying Tigers had yet to formed led by Clair Chennault,


Notable pilots also included Tommy Walker (a famous barnstormer) of the 5th Pursuit Squadron that kept 6-10 Curtis Hawk III bi-plane fighters on alert to protect Chinese cities.


Here are the planes I've identified in use 1935-1941:

Curtis Hawk II

Curtis Hawk III

Northrup 2E Light Bomber

Italian BR20 (some had been sold to Japan)

Mitsubishi Type 96 Nell Bomber (Kanoya Air Corps)

Russian I-15C Rata

Type 89 carrier based attack bomber

Mitsubishi Type 96 Claude



Early P-36 Hawk 75M exports with fixed landing gear (this includes 1 prototype provided to the Chinese with 2 underwing 20mm cannon, famously flown by Georg Weigel at night to knock down 2 - 4 Nell bombers by search light as they bombed Chungking).

Gloster Gladiator

Vultee V11GB export attack bomber (and V12C and V12D)  The V11GB proved a great success against the Japanese until all were lost.

Martin 139 bomber (export version of the B-10)

Bellanca 28-90B Flash

Spartan Executive - designed to carry up to 300 pounds of bombs

Boeing XP-925A (export version of P12 biplane)

Boeing 218 (export version of the P26)

Grumman SF-2

Curtis Wright CW-21 Demon fighter (to tackle the Zero)

Douglas C-3 Air Lifter

Hawk 75 - considered superior to the Claude! At high speeds could also out maneuver the Spitfire Mark 1 as tested by British pilots, and remained easy to roll at speeds of 400 mph.

A6M - first versions

SB-3 Bomber

I-16 fighter


I-153 first used at the battle of Khalkhin Gol on the Mongolian Manchurian border.


Am sure I missed a few.  More to the point, what an excellent mix of both bi-planes and mono wing aircraft.


I hope this is a great idea for a future product release by 1C.











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