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From 2 to 3 sides

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I was thinking that maybe we should have rearranged the sides and have 3: Axis Blue, Soviets Red and Allies Green?

The point is to rearrange the list of planes, now that we start to have so many. Moreover, it could open up new possibilities of clashes between Reds and Greens in Multiplayer or even in fictional scenarios.

In short, 3 blocks some more historically  realistic than just two.

What do you guys think?

Any other advantages or disadvantages?

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20 minutes ago, Pheo said:

Agreed. It'd also be nice see the Flying Circus planes put into their own appropriate blocks (perhaps in the same fashion as tanks).

GUI for plane selection in QMB will likely need a little overhaul.

+1 for the FC planes thing.


And yes, with time, QMB will need an overhaul (or a simple scroll bar at the right of the planes menu selection, but I get your point). I can live with it like is it now tho

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Also, standardise the plane's profile appearance in the list: since FC planes introduction the old stylised style for the plane profiles has been dropped in favour of a full colour one. Would be nice to have it in either one of the two style and not mixed for no appearent reasons

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