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Feature Requests: Import/Export controller bindings and Secure email/password

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I've recently returned to the IL-2 series, and now that I'm getting a stable foundation I have some (hopefully simple) feature recommendations to improve the experience.


1) Please add a way to import and export control bindings.  This is especially useful for people who use combined virtual controllers (e.g. Thrustmaster TARGET or CH Control Manager), as if we load IL-2 and forget to load our virtual controller, IL-2 doesn't see the virtual controller and we lose our settings.  Also, I would like an option to not change current.map, current.actions and devices.txt if this particular scenario does play out.


2) I like the ability to auto-login, but as a cybersecurity professional I wish that there was a way to keep the email and password secure rather than include them as unencrypted text in startup.cfg.  Please have the program look for this information in a separate, encrypted file.  For ideal implementation, this file would not be located in the root Il-2 BoX folder, but would be located under c:\users\username\AppData\.




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