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Loadbeard's Cockpit Reference Guides (and others)

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I was searching to see if Loadbeard had made one of his Cockpit Reference Guides for the P-47, and was surprised to find out that his original post for his guides had been delete!  So, I never did find one for the P-47, but I sent him a PM to see if I could post the originals... I never got a response back from him.  So I am going to post them here.  Loadbeard, please contact me if you would like these taken down.


I have also added one that I made for the P-47D-28 at the bottom of this post.


Loadbeard's Guides:

BF 109F-4 Cockpit.jpg


BF 109G-2 Cockpit.jpg


IL-2 AM-38 (1942) Cockpit.jpg


Ju 87D-3 Cockpit.jpg


La-5 (ser.8) cockpit.jpg


LaGG-3 (ser.29) Cockpit.jpg


Pe-2 (Ser. 87 & 110) cockpit.jpg


Yak-1 (ser.69) Cockpit.jpg




More Guides... 

These look very similar to the original Loadbeard guides, but I am not sure if he made them or not..


FW-190 A-3

FW-190 A-3 Guide.jpg


HE-111 E6

HE-111 E6 Guide.png



P-40E-1 Guide.png



And here is my P-47D-28 Cockpit Guide that I made.  Cheers!

IL2 GB P-47-D.png


I created this guide with the Checklists on the top, so that I could fit my HOTAS card on the left, like this:


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