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Will there be a monthly update today?

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Ok, time to close this thread.


Regarding MP's question:


I am sorry, but the question is simply not in the ballpark.  Not even in the neighbourhood.


a)  The Map Tool which we built from scratch and which allowed us to create the Tobruk expansion was built in particular for that map and to avoid the kinds of bugs which exist in the Channel map.... it doesn't work for the Channel map.  1C did not supply a tool for the Channel Map.  The Tobruk Map Tool took 3 attempts and two different coders over 2 years to build.


b)  You can't just copy and paste any game's terrain map into any map tool.  Especially if you can't open the map with the previously mentioned map tool.


c)  The Channel map is being fixed now by manually 'hacking' the Source Code... as I said, there is no functional tool because it appears to have been lost in the changeover from CLIFFS to BoX.  The fix is a long and laborious process.  But we don't see building a new map tool specifically for the Channel, that tool would more than likely be completely buggy because of the original issues with this map and repairs would take longer than doing it manually as we are now.


d)  Just because you want something and can imagine a means to acquire it doesn't mean that can happen.


MP should know a/b/c/d... he was a member of TF during the time we were building the map tool and this has been explained to him several times... yes, he is not a coder... but even so he continues to ask questions which are not logical or helpful.


I and the rest of the team really do not have enough spare time to go into detail re. this type of thing... other Game Development teams do not answer these types of questions.



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